Tuesday the 31st of July 2018

Updated 3pm Wednesday. 7/31/18 notes from visiting WA’s senators’ staffers. Rally vid: 23:05.
7/24/18: notes. FAQs & Archive. Online info about our senators.
By Holly Brewer, Loren Bast and Janet Kierstead.

Met with

Kate Baumgartner, Sen. Murray’s Seattle Director ~ Main P: (202) 224-2621 / (866) 481-9186 ~ F: (202) 224-0238
Tommy Bauer, Sen. Cantwell’s Seattle Outreach Director ~ Main P: (202) 224-3441 ~ F: (202) 228-0514

From the Rally

The Seattle Workers for Justice told us about their working conditions. Their Facebook group.
Please sign their petition to support them: support Seattle workers! Google doc

Jim Paige played us some fine resistance tunes! Rally vid: 23:05.

Separated Families

Sen. Murray has joined a letter from Sens. Wyden and Weinstein to the administration demanding answers about the children taken from their families seeking refugee status. The letter concludes, “Please provide a staff briefing by no later than August 3, 2018, and written responses no later than August 1, 2018,” Murray.Senate.gov.

The administration claims that it has kept to last Thursday’s court ordered deadline of reuniting children with their families – except where parents are violent or they cannot find them because they were deported. More: CNN.com.

The ACLU, which has led the legal fight against the administration on this issue, has indicated it would make suggestions for penalties, but it has yet to do so.

Sabotage of ACA

Sen. Murray on the sabotage: “The Trump Administration’s Office of Management and Budget is currently reviewing a new sabotage step that will do even more to let insurance companies offer junk plans that not only undermine important protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but also ignore requirements that insurers spend most of their money on patients, not on excessive administrative costs or executive bonuses.” The transcript: Murray.Senate.gov.

3D Printed Guns

Sen. Murray has cosponsored Sen. Nelson’s bill to stop 3D programs being publicly available to allow people to print their own, untraceable guns – which will not be detectable by metal detectors. Read The bill here. Sen. Murray’s statement on this: Murray.Senate.gov. Sen. Cantwell is planning on cosponsoring it.

Sen. Lee Wanted to Stop It

Sen. Lee’s argument was that allowing the plans for guns to be on the internet is part of our first amendment rights. SLTrib.com

Sen. Cantwell on Preexisting Conditions

“U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Maria Cantwell on Friday warned that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could roll back protections for people with preexisting conditions…An estimated 130 million have preexisting conditions, from asthma to diabetes to cancer.” BizJournals.com

Stop Kavanaugh!

To ensure that Sen. Murkowski of Alaska votes against the Kavanaugh nomination, join Seattle Indivisible’s phone bank to contact her constituents and ask them to tell her to vote no. They will be calling people on Planned Parenthood’s list.
Tuesday August 14th 7-10pm at Washington State Labor Council, 321 16th Ave S., Seattle, Washington 98144
Facebook event

Get out the Vote!

Join Seattle Indivisible and learn how to get out the vote. Tuesday August 7th 7-8pm at Washington State Labor Council, 321 16th Ave S., Seattle, Washington 98144 Facebook event

Sen. Cantwell Talked to Wine Growers in Walla Walla

She visited Walla Walla on Friday. The “itinerary for the visit featured a round-table with local winemakers and growers, and a tour of the Mill Creek Flood Control Project, led by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Mill Creek Coalition.” Union-Bulletin.com

Sen. Cantwell Attended Important Native Event

The Power Paddle to Puyallup is an event recognizing tribal sovereignty that has been running for 29 years. More: PaddleToPuyallup.org. Sen. Cantwell’s press release: Cantwell.Senate.gov.

Sen. Cantwell on Electric Boats

Sen. Cantwelll promotes electric boats not only because fuel-powered boats cause global warming: they are noisy and cause fuel pollution in the water when their fuels leak. Also, the noise created by fuel-powered boats affects the ability of whales to communicate with each other and locate food.

This week, Senator Cantwell unveiled plans for a federal tax incentive to spur usage and innovation in electric boating. The effort will initially focus on small outboard motors, popular with recreational boaters – and later expand. On the larger end of the “boating spectrum”, the Washington State Ferry system is working on converting its largest vessels to electric power, with the hopes of beginning the first electric ferry service to the state in two years. CleanTechAlliance.org & Medium.com.

The LWCL Expires Sept. 30th

The Land and Water Conservation Fund expires soon. Congress needs to renew it. LWCFCoalition.com Republican push back is focused on that we need to fund maintaining our existing lands – and not buying more private land within park areas. The fund was set up to buy private land to make larger and more contiguous parks. More about the politics: Yahoo.com.

About LWCL: “The Land and Water Conservation Fund was established by Congress in 1964 to fulfill a bipartisan commitment to safeguard our natural areas, water resources and cultural heritage, and to provide recreation opportunities to all Americans. Using zero taxpayer dollars, the fund invests earnings from offshore oil and gas leasing to help strengthen communities, preserve our history and protect our national endowment of lands and waters.” DOI.gov


Petitions: TPL.org & Outdoors.org & CredoAction.com.

Contact the Department of the Interior
Call: (202) 208-3100 or email feedback@ios.doi.gov – or use this form.

Columbia River Treaty

Fifty-four years ago, Canada and the US entered into the Columbia River treaty as a way to manage flood control and power generation among the Columbia River and many of its dams. This year, they are looking to modernize it, and place a greater emphasis on environmental issues, including salmon habitat restoration. SeattleTimes.com & OPB.org

Sen. Cantwell Spearheaded Computer Classes

S. 3122: High School CODES Act

Seven percent of the US GDP is related to computer science. Sen. Cantwell had to take typing and Latin in school. It is time that states are given a tax benefit when they offer computer science classes. “In Washington State, only 1,212 students graduated from college with computer science degrees in 2015, leaving more than 16,200 computing jobs unfilled today.” Cantwell.Senate.gov. More about this: KXRO.com

How to Contact Our Senators

They count our calls. It is important – even if they agree with us. They count how many phone calls / emails / faxes they receive – and they use that information on the Senate floor to reinforce their message. They received 8, 000 calls about the Kavanaugh nomination, for instance.

Who Should We Call?

Should we call other senators or Representatives? Each office has its own rule. It counts more when you are a constituent. Each member of Congress who is in a committee has a leadership office that you can call. Committees have their own lines that you can call. You should totally call committee members. They represent all of us, nationally. The other thing is that you can overload their phone lines – that is powerful.

Making Calls

The call / email / fax can be one sentence. If the call is fast they can receive more calls. You can say I support or disapprove of (blank). That is enough.

Call / email / fax

Phone calls, emails, faxes are all the same – as are letters. If you mail a letter, it goes through a screening process at an external facility and will generally be delayed by 2 or 3 days unless they have mechanical problems – which could delay it a little more, according to GPO.gov.


We can send an email which is received by our senators as a fax. When the senators’ staffers receive the fax from resistbot, it comes through just like a fax. It is printed, and it uses up paper. The faxes that come through look like they come from us individually.

Resistbot is an easy way to contact our members of Congress. resist.bot

Russian Interference into our Elections

Russia attacked our US elections in 2016 – with both confirmed disinformation campaigns, the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and its candidates, and the possibility of vote tampering. With the 2018 mid-term elections now 97 days away, Facebook has stated that it sees suspected Russian interference occurring now and has taken steps to block said interference. BBC.com