Tuesday September 26th 2017

People from all over the Seattle area meet with the senators’ staffers at the Federal Building in Seattle 12:30-1:30 every Tuesday.
These notes from September 26th 2017 from all attendees; calls to action and links provided by me. This page is updated by 3pm Wednesday.

Met with

Tommy Bauer, Senator Cantwell’s Seattle Outreach Director.
Email: tommy_bauer@cantwell.senate.gov
Senator Cantwell: Email ~ P: (202) 224-3441 ~ F: (202) 228-0514

Kate Baumgartner, Senator Murray’s Seattle Metropolitan Director.
Email: Kate_baumgartner@murray.senate.gov
Senator Murray: Email ~ P: (202) 224-2621 / Toll Free: (866) 481-9186 ~ F: (202) 224-0238

The De-escalate Washington Petition

This was the focus of the rally. Please help us to get signatures for the de-escalate Washington petition. You can volunteer to be in busy areas and collect signatures.
“This measure would require law enforcement to receive violence de-escalation, mental-health, and first-aid training, and provide first-aid; and change standards for use of deadly force, adding a “good faith” standard and independent investigation.”
This is important because “Trump (is) to lift military gear ban for local police” from CNN.

Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

The Graham-Cassidy Bill is dead: but they will next move to crush the budget for health care by slashes in the budget. Here are actions to take.

ACA Signup Reminder

Funding and outreach for the Affordable Care Act has been cut. Please help spread the word about the open enrollment period so that more people have a chance to access affordable health insurance on the federal and state exchanges for 2018. Join the Indivisible ACA Signup Project on Facebook and help spread the word, or see www.thunderclap.it to remind people to sign up between November 1st and December 15th. In addition, HHS is planning on shutting the site down for 12 hours most Sundays: TheHill.
Here is a tracker for how the administration has undercut ACA.
Please tell Secretary Price that you don’t appreciate the cut in budget notifying people about the – now limited time – signups. His email: Secretary@HHS.gov Phone Number: 202-690-7000.

CHIP, Community Health Centers and the FAA

The deadline for funding for CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), Community Health Centers and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is September 30th, Saturday: Rollcall.com. The senators are working on getting the funding renewed.

The Census Director

The decennial census, which has been taken every decade since 1790 as mandated by the Constitution, provides an important tally that helps to determine how many House seats are apportioned to each state in Congress, how congressional districts are drawn and how federal funds are distributed.” The Census Director stepped down on June 30th: NYTimes. Without a Census Director, we in the Seattle area particularly have a problem – because the Seattle metro area has grown so quickly, and we will not have number of House seats that we should. Urbanization is happening rapidly across most of the states: wikipedia.org – so this is a big deal.
Please Contact our senators and ask them to apply pressure to Trump to appoint a Census Director asap.

Stopping Mueller Getting Fired

There are 2 bipartisan efforts to stop Mueller being fired:

Senators Tillis & Coons have introduced bipartisan legislation to stop Trump being able to directly fire Trump: S.1741.
Senators Graham & Booker’s legislation “would require the judges panel to review any attorney general’s decision to fire a special counsel before that firing could take effect”: More about both here.
Please ask Senator Grassley to take a vote on S. 1741 to get it out of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary onto the floor. No zip authentication required to email any senator. Email Senator Grassley Phone: 202-224-3744 Fax: 202-224-6020. Please also pressure other members of the committee to move this forward.
To thank them:
email Tillis: Phone: (202) 224-6342 Fax: (202) 228-2563
email Coons: Phone: (202) 224-5042
email Graham: Phone: (202) 224-5972 Fax: (202) 224-3808
email Booker: Phone: (202) 224-3224 Fax: (202) 224-8378

Funding for Treating Forest Fires

Senator Cantwell has cosponsored S. 1842. It is to “end the destructive cycle of borrowing from fire prevention accounts to put out fires”: wyden.senate.gov.

Funding for Hanford Cleanup

“The tunnel that contained highly radioactive wastes left over from production of plutonium for nuclear weapons partially collapsed May 9, “: SeattleTimes. Trump proposed cutting cleanup funding: SeattleTimes. Cleanup costs $2bn a year, and he wants to cut that by $120m.
July 20th, Senator Murray “announced she has secured $195.7 million in additional federal funding critical to nuclear waste cleanup at Hanford”: murray.senate.gov. Also see theStand.org.
Our AG is suing. “Ferguson is ..suing the federal government…Ferguson said he considered the federal government’s lack of action ‘unforgivable.'”: nbcnews.com.


The senators were at the recent press conference in Bellevue to support DREAMers: King5. The DREAM ACT is stuck in committee: HR. 3591. “Lawmakers could use a procedural tool called a discharge petition to force action in the U.S. House on the DREAM Act,”: King5.
“In United States parliamentary procedure, a discharge petition is a means of bringing a bill out of committee and to the floor for consideration without a report from the committee by “discharging” the committee from further consideration of a bill or resolution.”: wikipedia.

Preparing Against Nuclear Attack

Emergency Preparedness for a nuclear attack came up. They told us to contact Jay Inslee.
Jay Inslee: email P: 360-902-4111 F: 360-753-4110


Jesse has concerns about S. 1693, SESTA: Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017. It aims to make web site owners liable for information that third parties put on their sites. The concern is that although it is purportedly to stop sex trafficking, it would enable the prosecution of people posting things of a political nature. It is in the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Please contact Senator Thune, the Committee Head; or Senator Cantwell, who is on the committee with concerns, and detail how you feel it would affect our first amendment rights.
An article about it: theHill.
email Thune   Phone: (202) 224-2321 Fax: (202) 228-5429
email Cantwell Phone: (202) 224-3441 Fax: (202) 228-0514


Trump is proposing huge tax cuts in his rally in Indiana: theHill.

We asked the staffers to ask the senators to look into Trump’s voter fraud board chicagotribune.com: and funding for the Virgin Islands – as well as Puerto Rico. The national responses to the disasters compared: CNN.

Senator Murray cosigned a letter asking the Inspector General to look into Price’s use of private jets: http://democrats-energycommerce.house.gov.

Both senators want the hurricane in Puerto Rico declared as a national disaster to get more funds. Tuesday afternoon,Trump changed its disaster declaration: TheHill.com.


Congress sent a letter to Equifax asking them for information about the recent security breach: NPR. What can we do to protect ourselves? WaPo. The letter was signed by multiple MoCs, including Senator Murray. The letter.