Tuesday September 12th 2017

People from all over the Seattle area meet with the senators’ staffers at the Federal Building in Seattle 12:30-1:30 every Tuesday.
These notes from September 12th 2017 from all attendees; calls to action and links provided by me. This page is updated by 3pm Wednesday.

Met with

Tommy Bauer, Senator Cantwell’s Seattle Outreach Director.
Email: tommy_bauer@cantwell.senate.gov
Senator Cantwell: Email ~ P: (202) 224-3441 ~ F: (202) 228-0514

Kate Baumgartner, Senator Murray’s Seattle Outreach Director.
Email: Kate_baumgartner@murray.senate.gov
She is our new ‘Richard’ (Senator Murray’s Outreach Director). He has gone to work at Expedia.
Senator Murray: Email ~ P: (202) 224-2621 / Toll Free: (866) 481-9186 ~ F: (202) 224-0238

Second Tuesday

This is the second Tuesday of the month. Every second Tuesday, Seattle Indivisible organizes a rally from 11:45-12:30 outside the Federal Building; and then we have our regular weekly meeting with the senators’ staffers in the Federal Building from 12:30-1:30.
Beth Osborne may post on Seattle Indivisible’s FB page about future meetings.
SI: https://www.facebook.com/groups/347563185616692/.

From Save the Children Action Network

They ran our rally this week 🙂
One way you can get involved right now is to join the Save the Children Action Network local Community Action Team. This group of volunteers that work together to mobilize children focus campaigns. If you’re interested in learning more, please review the attached resource. I am happy to meet up for a cup of coffee to discuss this opportunity if you are interested.

You are also invited to join us tomorrow, Wednesday, September 13, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the Seattle Early Learning Community Cafe. At this free and public event, you’ll:

  • Meet others who share your commitment to expanding access to high-quality early learning and affordable child care
  • Learn more about SCAN and how you can get involved with our local Seattle/King County Community Action Team.
  • Get the latest information on current and upcoming city, county, state and federal advocacy campaigns

Location: Victrola Coffee and Art, 411 15th Ave E, Seattle
Bonus: Free coffee, pastries, and awesome swag. Kids are welcome!
RSVP today! https://savethechildrenactionnetwork.org/event/early-learning-community-cafe-learn-voice-children-king-county/

Children’s Health Insurance Program

CHIP is up for renewal by the end of the month. Will republicans put riders into it with restrictions to the ACA? Although this month is so busy in Congress and it has bipartisan support, we don’t know. Please contact MoCs: NPR.

The Congressional Budget

The Congressional budget comes up at the end of September. That is when the reconciliation process will no longer be available to the Republicans. 6 republicans are working on the budget in secret. Please find out – and then share with our senators: and as many others as you can – how Congressional budget decisions would personally affect you: https://handsoff.org/. Personal stories with detail are really helpful for our senators to reinforce their message when talking to colleagues or on the floor. If you email them, it is easier for them to capture the details. Please contact MoCs

Republicans promised to make tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, but MoCs won’t want to make cuts to their constituents’ social security/Medicare: politifact.com. All senators

Passport Day!

The Seattle Passport Agency invites you to Passport Day!
at Seattle Passport Agency, 300 5th Avenue, Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98104
Saturday, September 23, from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
For this event only, appointments and proof of travel are not required.
More: travel.state.gov.


Senator Sanders’ “Medicare for all” bill is dropping on Wednesday. The senators will look at it. It will be sent to the HELP committee or the finance committee, depending on how it’s written. He will probably write it so that it goes to the HELP committee, because he is on it. Our senators want universal & affordable health care. If Senator Sanders’ “Medicare for all” bill became a law, it would phase in over four years: CNN.

Stabilizing Healthcare Payments

The HELP committee is working on stabilizing the CSR payments to continue support for ACA. In the HELP Committee, Senator Murray is the ranking member. That means that she is head of the minority (the democrats), and the second in seniority. They had a committee meeting on Tuesday about stabilizing payments: and there will be another on Thursday at 10am Eastern (7am PDT).

Other Plans

Senator Cantwell’s basic health plan was started in WA, and has been taken up by Minnesota and New York: cantwell.senate.gov.

We all have concerns about the Cassidy – Graham healthcare bill. It is more vicious than the previous offering by the republicans. It could get voted in: WaPo. Please contact republicans on the HELP committee and pressure them to vote against it. More about contacting MoCs.

LHHS Appropriations

Labor, Health & Human Services (LHHS) appropriations legislation passed with no horrid riders: KFF.org.


Ask our MoCs to support DACA

Please ask our senators to cosponsor S. 1615, DREAM Act of 2017. Contacting MoCs.
They are each awaiting a republican senator to also cosponsor: there have to be equal numbers to make it bipartisan, and therefore widely supported. Nonetheless, they tally our calls and record the stories about how this impacts us.

Please ask your Representative to cosponsor Act HR 3591. WA Reps

Resolution Delivered to the Senators

On Thursday, August 17th at 2:30, there was a presentation of a statewide resolution from Indivisibles and others to urge our senators to act to protect DACA. News coverage: Lake Chelan Mirror & Quad City Herald.

Rally on the 5th with Bob Ferguson

There was a rally supporting DACA at el centro de la raza immediately after the visit to the staffers on the 5th.
News coverage: crosscut.com & the stranger.

Rally on the 12th with NWDC Resistance

There was a rally across the street from the Federal building, demanding transparency from the people who work with ICE in that building.


Currently, Congress has 6 months before the DACA program is taken away, and they can replace it or not. There is bipartisan legislation to renew the program for the next two years: the BRIDGE Act, S. 128.

People are desperate for a fix for the DREAMers. We need comprehensive immigration reform. There is no proposed legislation for it yet.

Net Neutrality

“Now that the comment period has ended, the FCC will begin work on a revised version of its proposal, which it will then vote on and quite likely pass, making it official policy.”
From the verge. More about net neutrality and ways to act.

Land and Water Conservation

The funding for the LWCF is expiring soon. It is generally bipartisan, but they need House members to support the program. How it affects WA: https://goo.gl/GjPrJm. Funding for LWCF is in the energy bill: S. 1460, a bill introduced by Senator Murkowski and cosponsored by Senator Cantwell.


Devos wants to roll back protection re. Sexual assault. Senator Murray will continue fighting about this.
CNN: https://goo.gl/ywyYjX.


Congress sent a letter to Equifax asking them for information about the recent security breach: NPR. What can we do to protect ourselves? WaPo. The letter was signed by multiple MoCs, including Senator Murray. The letter.

HR 620: ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017

HR 620: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/620.
ACLU’s problem with HR 620: “H.R. 620 would create significant obstacles for people with disabilities to enforce their rights under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)”
https://goo.gl/r78vcF. Senator Murray is fighting it.