Communication Tools Email reps: here
7 Free tools to fax with: here
FaxZero: 5 free faxes a day, sent from your computer: here
Tiny Hands Mail. Send a postcard to reps: here
Resistbot. Send a text that becomes a letter: here
Stance. Leave a voicemail that will be delivered later, then tweeted if you like: here
Factcheck news on Facebook:
Tips on writing a letter to the editor: here.

Tools to decide actions

5 calls: here
Daily action: here
Resistance Tool: here
Women’s March: here
Stand up America: here
Wall of us: here
65: here
Multiple resistance resources: here
Weekly acts-wall of us: here
Resistance Manual: here
Subscribe to Jennifer Hoffman’s list: here
2 Hours a week actions: here
Sunday Night Ready to Resist Calls with MoveOn: here


Main Congress site: here
Tool to see action of bills, govtrack: here
Did they vote with Trump? here
Which states are implementing Trump policies? here

Flip Seats

Our Revolution (Bernie’s site) phone bank for flipping seats: here
Knock Every Door: here
Friends of Washington: here
Sister District: here
Swing Left: here
Run for office: here
Emily’s list: here
Flippable: here

Climate Deregulation Tracker



Voxcare, the newsletter about health care: here
Before and after the ACA in Seattle, a graphic: here
Derek Kilmer wants your health care story: here
The White House is asking for your ACA story:here
How every member in the House voted on AHCA with the MacArthur Amendment: here
List of preexisting conditions: here

Find events

Our Revolution, Bernie’s site: here
Town Hall project, find town halls: here


Trump truth hiders will tell you who voted with Trump and against the right thing to do: here
Indivisible Guide’s Accountability Wall: here
Apply for political positions at Filepalooza: here
How did they vote? here
Trump Truth Hiders: here
Resistance Calendar: here
Senators’ Twitter handles: here
Check which slant the news outlet has: here
198 methods of resistance: PDF
Countable: see how your MoC voted: here
Is Trump at mar-a-lago: here
Trump promise tracker: here
Indivisible – Payback project: here
Payback Project, Indivisible’s noticeboard of what groups have been doing: here

Financial Initiatives

It Starts Today, fund every MoC nominee: here
Follow the Money – track who is paying for our senators’ elections: Senator Murray & Senator Cantwell.
Open Secrets – track who is paying for our senators’ elections: Senator Murray & Senator Cantwell.

Podcasts & Blogs & Stuff

WA Indivisible: here
Kilmer’s: here
Bill Moyers: here
Ezra Levin: here
David Harrison’s blog: here