The Green New Deal in WA

Talking to Federal Representatives about the Green New Deal

We have a resolution as a state that we will present to our senators’ staffers on April 9th with great fanfare. Please cosponsor the resolution as a group or individual – and ask many other groups (school districts, unions, environmental groups, officials) to cosponsor it. If you would like to be on the email list for this please email The resolution:

Our Senators
They have both heard from many groups multiple times in person and through email, faxes and phone calls that we would like them to be cosponsors. They represent all Washingtonians in Washington DC. As of March 13th 2019, they have also not taken the no fossil fuel pledge.

Meeting Sens. Murray and Cantwell’s staffers Mar. 12 2019. We presented them with shamrock-themed notes from ourselves and our neighbors to ask for them to cosponsor the Green New Deal:

Our cute shamrocks:

At Sens. Murray and Cantwell’s offices Feb. 26 2019.

Our Representatives

At Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s Seattle Office Dec. 10 2018. She became a cosponsor the next day and we met with her staffer that focuses on the environment. She represents WA’s CD7 in Washington DC.
at Pramila Jayapal's office

At Rep. Adam Smith’s Renton Office Feb. 16 2019. He cosponsored soon afterwards. He represents WA’s CD9 in Washington DC.
at Adam Smith's office

At Rep. Kim Schrier’s Issaquah office Feb. 19 2019. She is still not a cosponsor – but she has taken the no fossil fuel pledge. She represents WA’s CD8 in Washington DC.
at Kim Schrier's office
The video: Facebook

At Rep. Derek Kilmer’s Bremerton office Feb. 26 2019. Our third visit. He is still not a cosponsor. He represents WA’s CD6 in Washington DC.
at Derek Kilmer's office