Sunrise Movement in the Puget Sound Area

About the Sunrise Movement:

Ask our Members of Congress to sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. Rep. Kilmer has said that he doesn’t know where the money from his campaign comes from – it comes from PACs and can be hard to trace. Here it is. OpenSecrets. Reps. Adam Smith and Kim Schrier have taken it.

Ask our Rep to cosponsor the Green New Deal Resolution, HR 109. As of 4/12/19 it has 103 cosponsors, 2 in WA. He doesn’t want to cosponsor it because he says it is a non-binding resolution (he has cosponnsored other non-binding resolutions) and he supports its facets in other bills anyway. The fact is that the Green New Deal is a matter of how much we prioritize and spend on slowing climate change: not if we have looser bills for it.
Please email Rep. Kilmer or call him at his DC office: (202) 225-5916. The script

Ask our rep to cosponsor HR 763, which covers a great deal of what the Green New Deal aims to do. As of 4/12/19 there are 28 cosponsors, including 1 republican – and Denny Heck (D-WA-10), who cosponsored a few days ago.

Rep. Kilmer is a cosponsor of HJR 48: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States providing that the rights extended by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only. We can write to our friends to ask them to have their reps become cosponsors.

Donate!!! The Sunrise Movement accepts bikes, airmiles and more.

Please Join Us and Personally Pressure MoCs at Their Offices
Second Tuesdays with Sens. Murray and Cantwells’ staffers in Seattle:
Last Tuesdays at Rep. Kilmer’s Bremerton office:
More about our previous visits to their offices: