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Another projection on Trump’s DC hotel:

“Indivisible founders anticipate ‘a lot of good surprises’ in November’s midterms”:

Ryan was temporarily placed on the invertebrates Wikipedia page

Video: Very dangerous: don’t touch!

Twitter video. 7:21

Sen. Murray’s tweet: “This weekend is the anniversary of the #WomensMarch, and as I’m in the other
Washington fighting the Trump shutdown, seeing so many pictures from family and friends at marches
this year is inspiring. Here’s one of mine from last year—can you share yours from this weekend?”
the Twitter thread.

Oprah’s speech. This should be permanently looping everywhere, right?

Resistance Using a Run

A good tip from Dave Henry: A creative strategic tip. I just listened to an NPR interview with someone involved in a bill in No. Carolina to clean up Gerrymandering. What caught my attention was a technique to do a 5K run/walk along the Gerrymandered line between districts. The “crooked run” & map made news & got peoples attention to the subject. Worth putting in your tool kit.

1/8/18: Upon Drumpf’s arrival at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, the reception at the sight of his motorcade was less-than-enthusiastic

This video is for all of YOU. #TogetherWeRise, the definitive book of the Women’s March, is out on January 16th. Pre-order it here:

Indivisible is promoting retirement parties as a way of highlighting how we don’t need members of Congress who don’t represent us. Constituents deliver cards and cakes, and highlight their poor voting history and lack of transparency.

On the first day of WA legislative session of 2018 we see a native led occupation of the Capitol lawn.: Video: 4h

‘“The overwhelming challenge we have is with college-educated, suburban women,” said Liesl Hickey, a Republican strategist who previously ran her party’s House campaign arm.’:

The Democrats’ wave could turn into a flood:

This is an older example of – but a totally relevant resister: MacArthur (NJ)’s constituent vents on how losing health care for his family with pre-existing conditions is going to work out.

Sen. Murkowski’s constituents being loud about the Tax Scam: FB vid

Indivisible celebrated Indivisible Guide’s anniversary on December 14th: Twitter video: 2.13.

Paul Ryan has been dreaming of stripping benefits from us for decades.

Us with Drumpf on the ferry! December 27th, part of the Indivisible national rally against the Tax Scam.

Delivering our resolution that our Senators push to pass a clean dream act (5/12)

Alx Dark and compadres statewide, delivering our resolution that our Senators push to pass a clean dream act – one that provides a path to citizenship for our dreamers.

Senator Toomey has a problem now:
he voted for the tax scam

Toomey’s constituents have chained themselves and are protesting at his Pittsburg office

Rep. Frelinghuysen’s constituents demand that he vote no on the next tax scam bill

Rep. Roskam’s constituents want to know why he voted for the tax scam

Robin Bell’s projection on Drumpf Hotel (video)

NYC Greets Drumpf: “Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!”:

Battle Born Progress on Twitter: Senator Heller (NV) refuses to answer if he actually ready the bill before he voted for it.

Battle Born Progress on Twitter: @SenDeanHeller (NV) now throws out a stage 4 cancer patient for demanding answers.

Senator Collins’ (ME) constituents want to talk to her about her vote.

From Ben Wikler: Oh hello, 1100 people rallying against the #TaxScamBill in Akron, Ohio on a Saturday night:

Our friends in Alaska are upset about Senator Lisa Murkowski’s vote for the tax scam bill…

Other Various Instances of Resistance

‘I put this on my shelf next to my Russian nesting doll ornaments, which have embraced it with open arms and tiny hands. Unfortunately the ornament has random nonsensical outbursts, so out to the garbage it went.’ Lol!
Resisters are giving poor – and hilarious – reviews to Drumpf merchandise on Amazon 😉 :

On the Bainbridge ferry headed over…

Delivering our thanks to Senator Cantwell for standing up for us.

Delivering our thanks to Senator Murray for standing up for us. Kate, her staffer on the right is accepting the thanks!

Previous 12 photos: GOP Tax Legislation: Bad for the poor, people of color, students, immigrants, children. Bad for everyone. Rally Monday 27th November in Seattle against the Tax Scam. Part of the national rally with Indivisible. Video of the rally: FB video: 43 min..

Previous 4 photos: #TaxScam protest, November 27th in Everett.

#TaxScam protest, November 27th in Olympia.

11/24: Sharing this from our Indivisible neighbors. A group went out to shield our Islamic neighbors from racists:
Thanks to all who made it out to the Islamic Center in Kent today. The hateful crew were not there today, so the mosque was greeted with only love this afternoon. Efforts are underway to continue to organize loving demonstrations every Friday. (word is that 32 folks from several different groups were there!)

11/26/17: The Black Lives Matter rally at Westlake.

“We’re putting a couple of large billboards in Times Square calling for the impeachment of the president,” Steyer.
The billboard keeps a running count of signers of his petition. Thanksgiving week.

Resisters at Exit 169/NE 50th St/S, Nov. 22nd!

8th Nov. 2017: Reps from Indivisible Skagit, Indivisible Whidbey, SnoCo Indivisible, Indivisible North Seattle, & Not One Penny/Tax March Seattle presented $280 billion check representing cost of Drumpf Tax Cam to taxpayers to staffers from Murray, Cantwell, & Larsen’s offices. We VOIDed the check with our concerns about how bad this Drumpf Tax Scam is!

In north Seattle on Wednesday, 8th Nov. 2017: #AlphabetResistance out with some messages to mark the one year anniversary of the worst election in history. 7 lanes of traffic at (92nd street overpass of I-5 in No Seattle) with 2,500 cars per lane per hour and 1.6 people per vehicle.

It’s Mueller Time! Drumpf Administration Season Ending [ Video: 2.10 ]
We can thank @1oneclone for this :).

Amplifier is a powerful group, promoting art as a resistance tool. They promote and share graphics like this.

New Yorker Cover, with Drumpf as “It”:

Video mocking those who support Manka Dhingra:

Friday October 13th in Bellevue, thousands of protesters gathered to protest the fundraiser that Betsy DeVos spoke at – including Bob Ferguson, Patty Murray and the mayor of Bellevue –
and Tina Podlowski (selfie below!) #FlunkDeVos

‘Last July, I joined with a team of committed Idahoans to launch a nonpartisan statewide tour to advocate for the expansion of Medicaid. We painted a 1977 Dodge camper bright green, labeled both sides with “Medicaid for Idaho” and visited communities in every corner of the state.’

Protest at Drumpf Tower about Puerto Rico’s lack of aid: people throwing paper towels at “Drumpf”: twitter video.

The conservative Washington Policy Center invited DeVos to speak at its annual gala:
7 Photos of the anti-DeVos protest Oct. 13th, Bellevue:

Protesters at UW Medical Center on Monday 9/26/17 as part of the national Indivisible protest King5
ADAPT protest at the hearing, starts at 2:12.

Rep. Reichert’s Retirement: How Indivisible Groups Made Washington’s Eighth District “A Whole Different Ballgame”: indivisible.

Near the Oakland Bridge, CA

Goodlatte is keeping the bill for impeachment in committee to stand with his party. It was introduced by Sherman: LATimes Video: Happy birthday, Bob! 2:45.

Healthcare: USA vs. Canada. Video: 2:58.

Flotilla protests Rich Passage fish pens.

This confounds the science 😉 The Parody Project.

Tiki Torch Nazis, fun showtune: 2:00.

Judge green-lights feds’ request for Drumpf protesters’ data: CNN.

Video mocking Darrell Issa: Darrell-iction.

Net neutrality activists launch crowdfunded billboards targeting key members of Congress during August recess: here (right).
Please donate here.

The Hilarious Way a German Town turned neo-Nazis against Nazism: here.

The Economist has Drumpf using the KKK as a megaphone:

The New Yorker depicts Drumpf empowering the KKK:

Hardcore resisters from Columbus, OH rally in Drumpf rallies (a FB link): here.

“You voted to kill my wife without understanding what that vote was.” A constituent confronts Rep. Bost: here.

The inflatable chicken at the White House: here.

A Comedian is putting up anti-Drumpf signs: here.

California freeway road sign hacked to read “Drumpf has herpes”:

Lol! I think Senator Flake even thought this was cute.
He even opened the door for the chicken ;-)!

Billboards up in Kentucky shaming McConnell: here.

Toilet roll featuring Drumpf’s tweets: here.

Thousands have thanked Senator Murkowski since her healthcare vote:
She goes through an airport.
AARP launched an ad to thank all 3 senators.

I don’t write this stuff, I just relay it … 😉 Drumpf was going to play the president in a Sharknado iteration: here.

Drumpf makes his own fake news channel: here.

Amy McGrath is running for KY-6. Her badass video: here.

Drumpf’s artwork up for auction. Just leaving this here…;-).

Senator Mazie Hirono, D-HI (has kidney cancer) talks about her tough life – and recent journey – to vote on this health care bill: here.

Rod Stewart paid for disabled kids to protest in DC: here.

Sarah Huckabee says that she cannot confirm whether Spicey will be on Dancing With The Stars, lol! here.

Drumpf suggested jokingly that he should be sculpted on Mt. Rushmore. People reacted using PhotoShop: here.

ADAPT (hard core disabled civil rights group)
In DC: 64 ADAPT activists arrested in Hart out of 225. Also: 25 protesters arrested screaming in Senate gallery here.
Truly inspirational ADAPT activists: here.

“Daily Show” shares goodbye video for Spicer (cute!): here.

Texas teens to fight ‘show me your papers’ bill with quinceañera-themed protest: here.

Macron & Drumpf’s epic handshake 😉 : here.

“Representative Jackie Speier tweeted to encourage colleagues to dress in clothes that showed their arms, calling the protest ‘Sleeveless Friday'”. The right to bear arms protest in Congress: here

‘Zombie’ protesters cover Hamburg streets before G-20 summit. 40 sec. video

From 12th July email from the White House re. confirmation hearings:

From July 6th:
“On Thursday alone, about 50 protesters were arrested in acts of civil disobedience staged by more than 1,000 people in over 21 states.”:Vox news



June 22nd 2017: 2 videos of police reaction to ADAPT die-in.

Drumpf Arrived In Poland And Got An Unexpected Surprise here

NJ plane banner tells Christie to ‘get the hell off’ state beach here

Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott’s constituents sing a Bruno Mars parody, saying that they will marry them for their healthcare: