Postcards to Voters

Why Have a Postcard Party?

We can send postcards to voters to remind them to vote and tell them a fact or two about the preferred candidate. Especially in the midterms (as opposed to a Presidential election), we get low turnout: so people need a little encouragement to vote.
The organization who sends us the addresses and wording aim to focus on elections where it takes a slightly higher amount of Democratic voters to get the state or Federal seat. They offer us options as to which ones we want to work on. They share the results of the campaigns:


1/ Go to

2/ Sign up using their form. They will email you. Make a batch of postcards according to their instructions; then photograph them and email the photo to them to prove your aptitude!

3/ Once approved – they are very responsive – you can ask for more addresses and messaging for the next post carding programs when it works for you. The quickest way to get a response is to text using Abby’s page on Facebook (it’s the same organization):

Getting Postcards

Avery: Order Postcards

Order Plain Postcards As of 8/31/18 it was $11.97 for 120:
You can keep them plain – or use the template and print them at home:

Also, they can custom print them for you: As of 8/31/18 it was $24 for 100.

Vistaprint: Order Printed Postcards

You can order them printed and delivered: As of 8/31/18 250 for $26.24

Getting Postcard Stamps

The Post Office – and other Vendors

Find your local post office or vendor:

You can buy stamps online:
As of 8/31/18 it was 10 for $3.50 / 100 for $35 and other amounts available.

What you need for a Party

It is good to run a postcard party with a friend: then you can compare notes on how to improve the next time.

Hold it at a coffee shop, restaurant, a church hall, or your home. Think about parking – and make sure that it is relatively easy to find.

Ensure that you wear a name tag and greet people if you have invited people that you don’t know.

Allow two hours for the party and make it clear that people can come for all of the time – or pop in as it works for them.

Invite your friends / work colleagues / members of a group that you are in, the same way that you would for a book club / potluck.

Email fellow friends and / or resisters. Put it on Facebook if you want to increase the impact – have people invite more people. There are also more sites that you can submit it to:

It is a good idea to offer people that you don’t know a phone number or email address so that you can answer questions. You can request RSVPs to ensure that you have enough room for the people coming.

Offer people water and / or other drinks; and snacks. Have easy access to a bathroom.

Please consider accessibility: can people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility access the location?

Have a sign in sheet available: so you have a list to email about the next postcard party. Sample sign in sheet: Doc.

Have name tags if you can: let’s make friends!