Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown is running for the Congressional seat in DC to represent eastern Washington against Cathy McMorris Rodgers (CMR). It is CD-5, one of the ten House seats in Washington State.
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Print version of her views on the issues: Lisa Brown on the Issues
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Other candidates’ previous primaries against CMR and about Lisa Brown’s work history
9/30/18: Brown on health care:

Recent Debate Between Brown and CMR

5th CD Town Hall:, 58:49

Recent Town Hall

Snippets and commentary about CMR and Lisa Brown’s town halls 8/23/18:
1.30 – quote from Brown: “the situation of families separating is one of the key things that Congress has not done their job in holding the administration accountable”
1.40 – quote from CMR: “as a mom, I did not support what I saw as far as pulling the families apart. We need families kept together but we also need a secure border.”

Full CMR town hall:
Full Brown town hall:

Earlier Lisa Brown interview, May 2018:

How She Sees the Issues:

Congressional Reform

  • She has been endorsed by End Citizens United because she pledged to not accept any contributions from corporate PACs, instead relying on grassroots support from thousands of individual donors. Almost 90 percent of the individuals who have contributed to the campaign live in Washington State, and they’ve received donations from every county in Eastern Washington.
  • She’ll also support the DISCLOSE Act, which would help draw back the curtain on dark-money donations so we know exactly who funds campaigns and pays to have their interests reflected.
  • She supports electoral and campaign to end voter suppression and dark money politics and bring about transparency and electoral college reform.
  • CMR has taken $7m over her 14 year tenure: $1m for this election cycle. More about her contributors this cycle: Lisa Brown’s benefactors:


  • As an economist, she’ll be an independent advocate and do what’s best for Eastern Washington, Northwest agriculture, and Washington State’s trade-based economy.
  • She wants to serve on the House Agriculture Committee which has no representation from Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana – Republican or Democrat.
  • She wants to increase family wage jobs, invest in infrastructure and education and support aerospace, agriculture and health sciences.
  • She wants to protect earned benefits such as Medicare and Social Security.
  • Tariffs are taxes, and the Trump administration has announced $144.86 billion of them, according to the Tax Foundation. It comes as no surprise to anyone who’s taken Econ. 101 that in retaliation our trading partners have announced their own tariffs of the same magnitude.


  • During Lisa’s tenure as Senate Majority Leader, legislative logjams lasting for decades were broken, resulting in the passage of several pieces of landmark legislation, including the simple majority for schools constitutional amendment.
  • Lisa is a first-generation college graduate. With federal financial aid, Lisa earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the University of Illinois, in Champaign-Urbana, and earned her PhD in Economics at the University of Colorado, in Boulder: so she is well aware of the cost – and value of – education.
  • In 1980 Lisa moved to Spokane and became an Associate Professor of Economics at Eastern Washington University.

Student Loans

  • In WA legislature, she worked towards scholarships.
  • In WA legislature, she worked to enable students here with military families to be able to get in-state tuition.
  • Whilst she was Chancellor of WAZU, they reduced the cost of tuition twice.
  • In WA, the average student graduates with $24, 162 in debt.
  • She wants to make higher education and student loans (and their refinancing) more affordable.
  • She wants to expand financial aid and provide student loan financial relief.
  • In 2005 and 2006, CMR voted for the greatest cut in Federal student financial aid in history: $12.7bn


As Senate Majority Leader, Lisa brought people together to make sure that Eastern Washington got its fair share of investments in public schools and infrastructure. She worked to strengthen and diversify our regional economy, supporting farms and wineries, and creating jobs in industries from aerospace to film.

The Environment

She supports clean water, healthy forests, incentives for solar and wind power, and back partnerships regionally and abroad to address impacts of climate change.


  • Lisa comes from a gun-owning family. She supports the second amendment.
  • She supports background checks and a ban on bump stocks.

Health Care

  • As WA Senate Majority Leader, Brown spearheaded a variety of health-related initiatives. She led the creation of the state’s Mental Health Parity Act of 2005, which improved the insurance coverage of mental health services for Washington residents.
  • In WA legislature, she worked on the expansion of children’s health care and passage of the legislation to create the nonprofit Prescription Drug Assistance Foundation.
  • IN WA legislature, she helped to start the breast and cervical health program and the prescription drug assistance program
  • In 1980 Lisa moved to Spokane and became an Associate Professor of Economics at Eastern Washington University. Lisa became immediately engaged in community organizations advocating for working families, petitioning for dental benefits for low-income people.
  • As Chancellor of Washington State University Spokane, Lisa Brown led the development of WSU’s rapidly growing, world-class center for health sciences education and research.
    WSU Spokane doubled vital research into addictions, cancer and neurological diseases, and helped create a teaching health clinic which trains medical residents who serve patients from Colville to Pullman.
  • Lisa wants to reduce the costs of health care, prescription drugs: and protect Medicare and Social Security.
  • CMR voted for a healthcare bill that would have taken health care from 40,000 WA residents. Her defense of this:


In WA legislature, Lisa was involved with the WA Low Income Housing Alliance which created the Housing Trust Fund. Since 1986, it has awarded almost $1bn in funding and helped build or preserve nearly 47,000 units of affordable housing statewide.


  • Lisa has met them at Whitworth and EWU.
  • She wants to create and support bipartisan legislation to restore the DACA program.
  • She wants to enable dreamers (those who want long term residency, to stay with their families and communities) who qualify to have a path to their dream.
  • She wants us to accept refugees to uphold our values – to protect people.
  • There are more than 1200 DACA recipients or potential recipients in WA. DACA recipients were brought here as children, and qualified for two year work and residency visas by fitting tight criteria: staying in school, working, etc. This administration ended the program.


  • In WA legislature, Lisa worked across the aisle and had roads, bridges and new buildings in Pullman, Cheney and Spokane built.
  • She created a film tax credit, bringing thousands of film jobs to the region.
  • CMR voted for the tax scam, which gave 80% of the benefits to the top 1%.


  • She will protect the marijuana industry.
  • She supports research-based reforms in criminal justice: focusing on racial disparities and alternative sentencing in non-violent cases.

Net Neutrality

Lisa Brown wants to re-instate net neutrality: and ensure consumer protections for internet users.

Prescription Drugs

  • In WA legislature, Lisa voted to bring prescription drugs from Canada.
  • The prices of prescription drugs have tripled in the last 10 years. 1 in 4 people have a hard time affording them.
  • She also created a program to enable low income families and patients pay less for their prescriptions.
  • She wants to take that program national.

Social Justice

  • In WA legislature, she advanced the marital parity bill.
  • She will protect and advance human rights: including racial justice, reproductive justice, LGBTQ, immigrant and refugee rights.


  • Contrary to news circulated by CMR’s campaign, Lisa did not vote for an income tax when she worked in the WA state legislature.
  • As WA Senate majority leader, she led bipartisan budget discussions.
  • In her legislative record is support for and advocating tax decreases to help eastern WA families, including the Working Family Tax Credit.
  • She also worked to lower property taxes for seniors.


  • In WA legislature, she enabled military families stationed in WA to get in-state tuition.
  • In WA legislature, Lisa got funding for the Veterans home and the eastern WA Veteran’s cemetery.
  • She opposes privatization of the VA.
  • Lisa’s father, grandfather, brother and husband all served in the military.
  • She is keen to take better care of veterans – and expand their care in rural communities.
  • Under CMR, the VA emergency room closed in 2014: and they haven’t hired enough doctors to reopen it.

Women’s Rights

  • In WA legislature, Lisa led the fight for years to get equal pay for women and paid medical leave.
  • Lisa serves on the YWCA board in Spokane: which supports victims of domestic violence, racism and empowering women.
  • CMR has consistently voted against equal pay for women, against more protections for Native women in the Violence Against Women Act.
  • CMR’s personal mission is to overturn Roe vs. Wade

‘Sexual Predators Attack’ Advert

There is a heinous campaign that has been promoted by CMR’s campaign through TV advertisements and print materials to people’s homes alleging that Brown is easy on paedophilies: and it infers that we need to protect our children from her influence. Her campaign is defending the campaign:, depite significant protests throughout the community:

Lisa voted against HB 2734 because it kept sexual offenders away from schools: but not preschools or daycares. She supported a better community protection law: and she sponsored a bill to make it a crime to talk to a minor online with inappropriate intent.