Last Tuesdays With Rep. Kilmer

Holly delivering shamrocks to Katy in support of the Green New Deal resolution 3/21/19

Andrea and Katy 1/3/19

The meeting 1/3/19

We meet with Rep. Kilmer’s staff in his office at 345 6th St Suite 500 in Bremerton mainly from 3-5 pm on the last Tuesday of the month. We’re on Facebook.

Our next meeting is confirmed for Tuesday the 30th of April 3-5 pm.
We are planning on bringing bunnies, eggs and chick-shaped notes this time with notes supporting the Green New Deal. Please bring notes from your group on spring-themed notes if you would like, or we can write them on the day. All materials supplied.

We also have monthly meetings with Sens. Murray and Cantwell’s staffers most second Tuesdays. Tuesdays with the senators’ staffers Please join us!

Notes From the Meetings:

Mar 21 phone call with Rep Kilmer
Feb 26 meeting
Jan 29 meeting

Rep. Kilmer’s rundown of an average day in DC: What Happens In DC (Doesn’t Need To Stay In DC)

To Reinforce Your Message
Please bring:
letters signed by you or your group for more signatures
– not everyone can show up: but we can represent them.

information to reinforce the issue(s) that matter to you
– articles, facts, photos, personal stories

specific information about important bills for Rep. Kilmer

a resolution about an issue that interests you

printouts about your upcoming events and initiaitves for fellow attendees

business cards so that you can connect with fellow attendees

– Another option is to write a letter, email it to and I will print it and take it for you.

Let’s learn about each other’s groups and start to plan together!