Last Tuesdays With Rep. Kilmer

Holly delivering shamrocks to Katy in support of the Green New Deal resolution 3/21/19

Andrea and Katy 1/3/19

The meeting 1/3/19

We meet with Rep. Kilmer’s staff in his office at 345 6th St Suite 500 in Bremerton mainly from 3-5 pm generally on the last Tuesday of the month. We’re on Facebook.

Our last meeting was on Tuesday the 25th of June 3-4 pm.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday July 30th 3-5 pm. /

We also have monthly meetings with Sens. Murray and Cantwell’s staffers most second Tuesdays. Tuesdays with the senators’ staffers Please join us!

Notes From the Meetings:

June 25 meeting
Apr 30 meeting
Mar 21 phone call with Rep Kilmer
Feb 26 meeting
Jan 29 meeting

Rep. Kilmer’s rundown of an average day in DC: What Happens In DC (Doesn’t Need To Stay In DC)

To Reinforce Your Message
Please bring:
letters signed by you or your group for more signatures
– not everyone can show up: but we can represent them.

information to reinforce the issue(s) that matter to you
– articles, facts, photos, personal stories

specific information about important bills for Rep. Kilmer

a resolution about an issue that interests you

printouts about your upcoming events and initiaitves for fellow attendees

business cards so that you can connect with fellow attendees

– Another option is to write a letter, email it to and I will print it and take it for you.

Let’s learn about each other’s groups and start to plan together!