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Democrats now have 5 competing plans to expand government health care:

Support I 1600, universal health care for WA:

How to protest Trump’s proposed short term health care plans:


Health care for all is getting close in WA: SB 5701 & HB 1026
– it will be on the ballot as an initiative if it doesn’t get through.
Contact your MoCs! WA senators ~ WA Reps.

Vote for Health Care

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The Current State of Affairs

Podcast: Sen. Patty Murray’s Communication Director Eli Zupnick on the Alexander-Murray Bill.

“, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. … sent shock waves through the healthcare industry Tuesday by announcing a joint plan to reduce healthcare costs for their U.S. employees…the move immediately triggered speculation that any solutions they develop could spread throughout the industry.”:

Sen. Sanders’ health care town hall:

Petition: protect Medicare and Social Security:

Alexander-Murray Bill

Senator Murray is the ranking senator for healthcare in the HELP Committee. This means that she is the second in seniority, as the senior democrat in the committee. She and Senator Alexander have a health care bill. Please email her your detailed healthcare stories, especially those about opioid addiction: which is a key area that she needs to push for funding. Please also contact the Republicans on the Committee with your personal health care story to ensure that they know your thoughts on health care funding and how it personally affects you and your friends and colleagues. The bill.

Children’s Health Insurance Plan

Is now covered for 6 years.

Health Care Centers & Training Centers Lost Their Funding

Our Health Care Centers also lost their funding.

“the nation’s health centers are funded with $1.5 billion from discretionary funds … However, this fund expired September 30, 2017 leaving America’s 1,400+ health center organizations to face a 70% cutback in program funding, if Congress doesn’t act.”:

“Senate Democrats are pushing for … funding for community health centers to be included in a short-term funding bill … Republicans, meanwhile, are pressuring Democrats by pointing to the six years of funding in the package for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), a Democratic priority.”: TheHill.

Teaching Health Centers lost their funding. The centers: Sen. Murray’s tweet about this: “Your daily reminder that Republicans could have fully-funded our community & teaching health centers last week—or when funding for these vital centers lapsed last September—but chose instead to play politics with families’ health care. Again.”:

Give Health Stories for Senators to Use in Their Speeches in Congress

Tell your Obamacare story:
Email address recommended to contact by Topher Spiro:
#AmericaSpeaksOut: Senate Democrats ask for your health care story, using this hashtag on
Senator Murray using opioid stories from WA to reinforce her point on youtube. Please share any experience you have with the epidemic with her: